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How do I collect payment through the booking page?

Collecting payments upfront has never been easier. Here's how you set full, partial, and custom pricing through our booking page.


Only the business owner can make changes to the payment settings. 

You must have a Stripe account to accept payments.

We do not take any fees or any responsibility for your transactions - this is strictly done via Stripe.

All refunds and credits happen outside of Upvio - directly in your Stripe account.

You have the option to either modify an existing service or create a new service. You can specify the desired duration for billing, select your preferred currency, and set the pricing for your services. Your client will have a secure payment method through Stripe when booking your services.


To connect your payment gateway, please refer to these steps: 

For Stripe: 

  1. Log in to Upvio and go to Settings.
  2. Under Integrations, click Payments.
  3. Click Connect Stripe Account then continue with your details.

You can also disconnect your Stripe account on this page if you wish. 


To enable payment for your services, please refer to these steps: 

  1. Go to Services.
  2. Select the service you wish to enable the payment.
  3. Scroll down to Billing & Duration (set this accordingly) then check the box next to Enable Stripe.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Your client will now be able to make a payment by entering their card details at the end of the booking page.